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Best House Shifting Company in Vizag

Green Packers is the preferred Packing & Moving company in Vizag for local Shifting, Long Distance( Between Cities to Anywhere India) Shifting. We offer affordable & Competitive pricing for Local and Long distance shifting. Sample prices are given below.

Our services

House, Office, Bike & Car Transportation Services

Local Shifting

We are experts in local shifting in Vizag. We can shift your house, office locally with short notice. Experienced labour & Quality material for shifting.

Long Distance Shifting

InterCity Shifting is made easy with Green Packers. Damage free Shifting is our Priority. We offer storage services also for Lond Distance Shifting.

Car & Bike Shifting

We Transport Car & Bike to any City in India Quickly. Scrate Free Service is our specity. We use special trailers to shift your Car & Bike. We transport Machines Also.

Approximate House Shifting Charges within Hyderabad for Local Shifting

Shifting Size Approximate Price
Few items 2000 - 6000
1 BHK House/Flat 3000 - 8000
2 BHK House/Flat 4000 - 12000
3 BHK House/Flat 6000 – 14000
4 BHK House/Flat/ Villa 8000 - 18000
5 BHK House/Villa/ Bungalow 12000 -22000
Small Office (Up to 5000 SFT) 5000 -15000
Medium Office (5000 – 10000 SFT) 10000 -25000
Big Office /Corporate Office (10000+ SFT) 30000 - 50000

For Exact Price Call: 8333893588

Approximate House Shifting Charges in Hyderabad to Major Cities within India

Shifting Size Chennai Bangalore Mumbai Pune Delhi
Few items 6000-12000 8000-14000 9000-14000 7000-14000 10000-16000
Few items + Vehicle Only (2 or 4 Wheeler) 9000-17000 11000-19000 12000-20000 10000-14000 13000-22000
1 BHK House/Flat 8000-16000 10000-18000 11000-19000 9000-17000 12000-20000
1 BHK House/Flat + Vehicle Only (2 or 4 Wheeler) 11000-20000 13000-23000 14000-22000 12000-21000 15000-24000
2 BHK House/Flat 10000-20000 12000-24000 13000-25000 11000-23000 14000-27000
2 BHK House/Flat + Vehicle Only (2 or 4 Wheeler) 13000-25000 15000-30000 16000-32000 14000-27000 17000-33000
3 BHK House/Flat 13000-25000 15000-30000 16000-32000 14000-27000 17000-33000
3 BHK House/Flat + Vehicle Only (2 or 4 Wheeler) 13000-25000 15000-30000 16000-32000 14000-27000 17000-33000
4 BHK House/Flat/Villa 13000-25000 15000-30000 16000-32000 14000-27000 17000-33000
4 BHK House/Flat/ Villa + Vehicle Only (2 or 4 Wheeler) 13000-25000 15000-30000 16000-32000 14000-27000 17000-33000
5 BHK House/Villa/ Bungalow 13000-25000 15000-30000 16000-32000 14000-27000 17000-33000
5 BHK House/Villa/ Bungalow + Vehicle Only (2 or 4 Wheeler) 13000-25000 15000-30000 16000-32000 14000-27000 17000-33000
Vehicle Only (2 Wheeler) 13000-25000 15000-30000 16000-32000 14000-27000 17000-33000
Vehicle Only (4 Wheeler) 13000-25000 15000-30000 16000-32000 14000-27000 17000-33000
Small Office (Up to 5000 SFT) 13000-25000 15000-30000 16000-32000 14000-27000 17000-33000
Medium Office (5000 – 10000 SFT) 13000-25000 15000-30000 16000-32000 14000-27000 17000-33000
Big Office /Corporate Office (10000+ SFT) 13000-25000 15000-30000 16000-32000 14000-27000 17000-33000

For Exact Price Call: 8333893588

Note: These are indicative prices only. Prices may vary based on numerous factors including household materials, Floor numbers of from and to location buildings, restriction of materials carrying through lifts, man power need to walk long distance to load or unload materials, taking insurance for materials, traffic restrictions in cities, etc…..

Clients & awards

Award winning

Winner of Udyog Ratan Award and Excellence Mover Award for many consecutive Years.

Safe Transportation

  • We are specialized in Damage Free Shifting
  • We use special material & Cases for delicate & valuable items

Door Step Delivery

  1. We offer Door Step Delivery
  2. We take care Loading & Unloading

Trained and Skilled Mover

Our team are trained and skilled in Safety moving. Scratch free Moving

Competitive Pricing

We had all India network. We can offer services for very affordable price

Certified Packer & Mover

We are Certified & Safe Packers and Movers Company

FAQs of Packers and Movers in Vizag and Shifting Costs

We put together a list of the most asked questions in Vizag Shifting.
If you coudn't find the right answer, give us a call.

Packing and moving Services Vizag (Vishakhapatnam)
We aim our best to take care of your every single movable item, for which we offer trustworthy packing services that include both industrial and household goods. 

Moving and relocating Vizag (Vishakhapatnam)
Understanding all the details pertaining to the packing of office goods, commercial items, household items as well as other goods. We relieve you from all this trouble & anxiety by maintaining timely and intact delivery of your consignment at your door step. 

Transportation Services Vizag (Vishakhapatnam)
Apart from the usual commercial and domestic items, we transport Cars by special covered Car trailer. We providing you door to door transporter service any where in India. For moving cars, we have special carriers other than dry cargo carrier for required items. 

Loading / Unloading
All the loading & unloading activities are done by skilled labors. The shipment is unpacked at the destination with absolute care and alert supervision. We have trailers and Trucks provision having enough storage and carriage for Factory Shifting, Machinery Shifting, Office Shifting and household shifting. 

Warehouse Facility Vizag (Vishakhapatnam): is also provided by us where in your items can be stored for as long as you wish. The warehouses are clean and spacious. 

Packing material 
We use the high quality packing and handling material which is sourced from our regular ISO certified vendors to ensure best quality material.

  • Carton Boxes
  • Customized Hard plastic Boxes
  • Wooden Crates
  • Corrugated Rolls for packing furniture and undimensional stuff
  • Foam sheet
  • Bubble sheets
  • Foam Board or Thermocol
  • Strechfilm
  • Wooden pallets
  • Adhesive tapes or gum tapes

Being a giant city with millions of people residing, Vizag is unarguably one of the bustling cities in the country. Many people intend to move in and out of the city on a daily basis. For such people, Green Packers and Movers is now offering relocation services in Vizag (Vishakhapatnam) for very affordable prices. Green Packers & Movers now is the most efficient and optimized packers and movers in Vizag (Vishakhapatnam)

As we offer cargo in multiple transport formats, it is up to the customers to choose the way their belongings to be packed and moved. Comprehensive relocation services in Vizag are now within the reach of people and only we made it possible within their budget. House shifting in Vizag (Vishakhapatnam)won’t be a menace anymore and we assure you that your house shifting will be totally hassle-free. Not just house shifting, but Green Packers & Movers are proficient in office shifting as well. Office shifting in Vizag (Vishakhapatnam) now can be done without any glitches. Corporate relocation is a common affair in Vizag and now this commonality won’t be troublesome anymore.

We make relocation an easy deal for you in Vizag with our efficient staff, affordable prices and reliable packing and moving in Vizag (Vishakhapatnam)!


Packers and Movers for Home/ Office/ Corporate/ International Shiftings, Air Cargo, Sea Cargo, Transport and Storage Services.


Green Packers and Movers Vizag:

Traditionally known as Vishakhapatnam, it is the largest city in the Indian state Andhra Pradesh. Being a port city belonging to South India geographically, Vizag also enjoys the reputation of being one of the largest east coast cities in the country. Vizag is also turning to be an industrial city with many IT firms and firms from other disciplines moving into the city to bank on the resources the city offers. Vizag enjoys the multi cultural neighborhood, thanks to Indians from different parts of the country who moved in the name of employment. This trend has been on an incessant rise. Many people still move to Vizag to settle down. For all the people who move into Vizag or out of it, Green Packers and Movers now offers excellent domestic moving services in Vizag. Among all the packers and movers in Vizag, we enjoy the unanimous reputation of being the best and trusted packers and movers in the city.

Trade happens massively in Vizag. As a result of this, there’s a scope for ever-wheezing in stream of people to be accommodated in the city. On our part, we at Green make it a hassle-free experience for you to move into Vizag by offering the best local moving services. Another major city that shares the same roots as of Vizag is Hyderabad which was once the capital of united Andhra Pradesh. Given the distance between Hyderabad and Vizag, it is as far as a city in another state altogether. Since a lot of relocation happens between Vizag and Hyderabad on top of relocation in and out of the former from other cities as well, the need for long distance moving services in Vizag is always there. Green Packers and Movers now offers long distance moving services in Vizag for very flexible prices.

There is a recent trend in Vizag: people are moving directly to foreign destinations from Vizag. Green Packers and Movers can now be availed to procure international moving services in Vizag. With excellent air cargo and sea cargo services under our belt, we offer the most seamless international moving services. Since Vizag is essentially a port city, the fact that Green Packers and Movers are in charge of excellent sea cargo service in Vizag, the blend of these two facts can be so irresistible for you to refrain from choosing us if you are planning to relocate to a foreign destination from Vizag.

We are also proficient in offering storage services in Vizag. On top of that , we offer something that you dream of availing from any packers and movers in Vizag. That is car transportation services. One can now avail car transportation services in Vizag from Green Packers and Movers for very affordable prices. We are sure you would want to relocate your car with utmost safety guaranteed to it in your absence and we promise you that and like always, we keep up our promise.

For any kind of domestic and international moving services in Vizag, contact Green Packers and Movers.

House shifting in vizag is depends on numerous things including local shifting, long distance shifting. Vizag local shifting starts from Rs.2500/- and Long distance shifting starts from Rs. 8000/-

  1. You Must take insurance for shifting while doing long distance shifting
  2. Valuable like gold and cash must be carried along with you only. Never keep valuabe in shifting material
  3. Glass and Other items must be pack in a seperate container.
  4. Carry few pairs of dresses along with you incase shifting gets delayed for fewdays


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