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What are the services offered in Vijayawada?

Being recognized as the “Global City of the Future” by McKinsey Quarterly, Vijayawada from Andhra Pradesh enjoys the services of another global level service provider. That is by Global International state of Andhra Pradesh standing tall and next to Vishakhapatnam. Although second largest and second most populous, Vijayawada still reclaims the status of being the business capital of Andhra Pradesh. This fact alone in itself is enough to fathom the impact Vijayawada has on the state of Andhra Pradesh. With population extending beyond the one-million mark, Vijayawada entertains and welcomes many people into its territories who wish to seek employment and find a living in this beautiful and happening city. When you are in moving into such a global city or moving out of it, you deserve global level packing and moving services. Such global level relocating services can be expected only out of Global International in Vijayawada.

Being ourselves and offering only what we can offer has made us the best packers and movers in Vijayawada. Being the best packers and movers in Vijayawada, we offer the best local moving services in the town. Apart from basic packing and moving services that we anyways offer in the best way possible, we also present you with a deluge of services. Picking the one that’s appropriate for you is all you need to do and the entire relocating will be taken care by us for you, and oh yes, in style that can be bought affordably!

 House moving services in Vijayawada:

UnderstandingGlobal International now offers the best house moving services in Vijayawada. No one knows what constitutes a household better than us and that’s why we know the best how to move your household to keep you assured of your belongings’ safety. Avail our house moving services and be assured!

International moving services in Vijayawada:

Local moving services are offered by many packers and movers but if for international relocating needs, there’s only one brand you can trust and that is undoubtedly Global International . Avail our international moving services to have your stuff relocated across the seas without any slightest blemishes. Also we charge quite affordably for our long distance moving services in Vijayawada.

Office moving services in Vijayawada:

As already mentioned earlier, we yet again emphasize on the importance of trade in Vijayawada and amid such importance, we are proud to offer office moving services in Vijayawada for all the people moving their offices into the city. Avail our service for lowest price and have your office moved neatly.

Car transportation services in Vijayawada:

Global International also offers now the most sought car transportation services in Vijayawada. Avail them if you are a car owner and need your car to be moved into or out of Vijayawada.All our services come with great precision to ultimately offer you hassle-free relocating experience and all that at the cost that’s so much affordable!

Howmuch it cost to shift your house in Vijayawada?
House shifting in Vijayawada is depends on numerous things including local shifting, long distance shifting. Vijayawada local shifting starts from Rs.1500/- and Long distance shifting starts from Rs. 5000/-
Precautions to Take while shifting your House in Vijayawada!

You Must take insurance in Vijayawada for shifting while doing long distance shifting

Valuables like gold and cash must be carried along with you only. Never keep valuabe in shifting material

Glass and Other items must be pack in a seperate container.

Carry few pairs of dresses along with you incase shifting gets delayed due to unexpected circumstances